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WiFi Pro FTP Server v1.8.1 [Paid]

Convert your android phone/tablet into a FTPServer!

Use this cool app to host your own FTP Server on your phone/tablet.
Use the FTP Server to transfer files, photos, movies, songs etc…to/from your android device using a FTP client like File Zilla.

Key features :
★ Complete FTP server with configurable port number
★ Supports FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS)
★ Configurable anonymous access
★ Configurable home folder (mount point)
★ Configurable user-name/password
★ Avoid using USB cables for file transfer and copy/backup filesover Wifi
★ Works over Wifi and Wifi tethering mode (hotspot mode)

If you dont have a FTP client, you could download Filezilla from Here.
You can also access the ftp server from windows file explorer.

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What's New:
New certificate for FTPS