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AFWall+ (Donate) v3.0.2 Final [Paid]

This is fully functional donate version of AFWall+ .

Please uninstall AFWall+ (Free) before installing donate version.

Kindly use import/export feature to migrate rules from free version.

Extra feature (for now) in Donate version
* Import All with preferences
* Log Statistics/History

Highlight system applications with custom color
Notify on new installations
Ability to hide application icons( faster loading )
Use LockPattern/Pin for application protection.
Use system level protection for app (Donate only)
Show/Hide application ID.

– Roaming Option for 3G/Edge
– VPN Support
– LAN Support
– Tether Support
– IPV6/IPV4 Support
– Device Admin Support ( Protect AFWall+ from uninstall)
– Choose able languages
– Choose able iptables/busybox binary
– Support x86/MIPS/ARM devices.
– New Widget UI – Apply profiles with few clicks
– Blocked packets notification – Displays blocked packets
– Support for wifi only tablets
– Improved Log statistics with UI

Translations & Languages
❤ German translations by chef@xda & user_99@xda & Gronkdalonka@xda
❤ French translations by GermainZ@xda & Looki75@xda
❤ Russian translations by Kirhe@xda & YaroslavKa78
❤ Spanish translations by spezzino@crowdin
❤ Dutch translations by DutchWaG@crowdin
❤ Japanese translation by nnnn@crowdin
❤ Ukrainian translation by andriykopanytsia@crowdin
❤ Slovenian translation by bunga bunga@crowdin
❤ Chinese Simplified translation by tianchaoren@crowdin
❤ Polish translations by tst,Piotr Kowalski@crowdin
❤ Swedish translations by CreepyLinguist@crowdin
❤ Greek Translations by mpqo@crowdin
❤ Portuguese translations by lemor2008@xda
❤ Chinese Traditional by shiuan@crowdin
❤ Chinese Simplified by wuwufei,tianchaoren @ crowdin
❤ Italian translations by benzo@crowdin
❤ Romanian tranlations by mysterys3by-facebook@crowdin
❤ Czech translations by Syk3s
❤ Hungarian translations
❤ Turkish translations
❤ Indonesian translations by mirulumam

Thanks for your support

Upcoming features only in donate/key version – device security password for app

Option to disable notification when applying rules – Recommended to turn on !
Added magisk related information in the error report
Fixed storage permission on export from rules
Pixel 2 bug on netfilter error on start
Rare preference crash on some devices
Upgraded runtime to Java 8
Updated support libraries
Fixed crashes upon loading
Fixed user reported bugs
Removed buggy quick apply — Sincere Apologies! will add it after testing with various usecases

Donate features unlocked