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App Cloner v1.5.14 [Premium]

Create modified clones of some programs.

Conveniently, without Ruth. Description: (translation – drony2005; ed. Anais10)
* Using the app App Cloner, you can create multiple copies of existing applications.
* Cloned applications are installed in parallel and operate independently from their original versions.
* They will not receive automatic updates so that you can save the selected stable version of the application next to the renewing of the original.
* Cloning can be useful to simultaneously use multiple logins for applications such as Facebook, Twitter or a Skype.
* the app the Cloner offers many advanced settings for the clone applications, in addition to changes the application name and icon – for example, you can remove widgets or unnecessary permissions, you can disable automatic startup, backup, including hidden recent list of applications that block the application usage data from Wi-Fi access.
* the app the Cloner can enhance the ability of the cloned applications, adding new features such as password protection, incognito, secure file deletion, and so on..
* users note: applications for Android Wear watches can also be cloned.

The full version offers the following features:
• Replacement icons application (complete or replace the color gamut of the existing icons)
• Create multiple applications clones
• Ability to share the cloned applications
• Deleting applications and widgets, icons
• Enable / Disable backup cloned applications
• Resolution installation clones external SD-card
• Elimination of the cloned application from the list of recent
• Disabling clone startup
• Removal of applications built components for clocks Android Wear
• Lock rotation and job forced the portrait / landscape orientation
• Deleting authorizations
• Enabling application mode for Samsung devices, multi-window
• Turning debugging ART function:
• Adding password protection at startup
• Enable incognito mode (close the application of its notification and rapid destruction of its data)
• Blocking the use of mobile data (the application can only use WiFi-network for Internet access)
• blocker hosts ( monitor and ban the application access to its servers and domains)
• SOCKS proxy (redirect application traffic through a SOCKS proxy to bypass blockages and anonymization)
• Opening of access to reading and writing to files and directories in an application without requiring route-rights
• Taking all certificates
• Silent run (mute when the application starts)

What’s New
• APK file cloning without prior app installation

★ Premium features Unlocked
★ Batch Cloning Unrestricted

[Mod Lite + Clone]
● Patched by Team Begal
● Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
● Fabric Crashlytics service removed
● Manual Data consumption Only (For thumbnails)
● Anonymous Bug Data Transfer Removed