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GOM Audio Plus v2.2.3 (Paid)

GOM Audio Plus is a high-quality & AD-free music player which supports sync lyrics while playing music file(s).

The users may listen to music while viewing lyrics.
Also, they can play & download popular podcast programs, and cloud music on GOM Audio Plus.

Key Feature(s)
➢ GOM Audio Plus offers two sensational themes which allows the users to maintain their screen while playing music.
➢ (Gesture Function: The user may turn on/off the sync lyrics when tapping the sync lyrics for a long period of time / GOM Audio’s screen will be converted to Sync Lyrics Viewer when the user taps Sync Lyrics or Album Art)
➢ GOM Audio Plus provides various types of widgets allowing the users to create their own set-up regarding size, feature (Sync Lyrics/Quick Play), color and others.
➢ Smart Lock Screen offers various features including Keep Screen function, Sync Lyrics, Quick Play and Current Playlist
➢ Sync Lyrics Viewer allows the users to view or search sync lyrics of the currently playing music.
➢ (Gesture Function: GOM Audio Plus will play previous/next music if the user swipes the screen / The users can choose certain location of music according to his or her preference just by double tapping certain lyrics)
➢ Sync Lyrics Editing function allows the users to register or temporarily save the lyrics after editing the unregistered sync lyrics.
➢ GOM ID allows the users to manage self-registered sync lyrics. Also GOM ID allows the users to synchronize their Favorites on GOMPod to their own personal computers.
➢ GOM Audio Plus offers powerful sounds of 10 BAND’s equalizer and also offers various sounds effects including but not limited to Reverb, Playback speed control and Pitch control.
➢ The users can tune up, save and manage the Equalizer and Reverb effect on the program.
➢ GOMPod allows the users to live-stream and download popular podcast programs.
➢ GOM Audio Plus notifies the user’s favorite GOMPod’s episode update(s).
➢ My Music allows the users to manage their playlist by preference, artist, album and folder.
➢ GOM Audio Plus allows the users to manage various basic playlists. Also, the users can create their own playlist through Add My Playlist.
➢ GOM Audio Plus supports DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive cloud storage system. GOM Audio Plus also supports WebDAV and FTP.
➢ Quick Play allows the users to play or change the music on the widget or on the lock screen without running the application.
➢ Auto Repeat is useful for both streaming and academic purpose.
➢ Timer allows the users to adjust the Auto-Shutdown function in hour/minute/second units.
➢ My Ring Tone allows the users to convert certain song into his or her ringtone.
➢ M/V allows the users to view music video of the currently playing song.

What’s New
Holding Next/Prev will fast forward the audio track
Able to turn off auto sound adjustment during calls
Adjustable notification bar size feature added